Thursday, March 30, 2006

Patents and User-friendliness

I tried to find out why all Flash movies did not display properly into my IE (obliged to use it on my professional computer). What I found had three main impacts:
  1. I find abusive patents even more stupid. Support FFII!
  2. I find M$ even more intrusive and self-confident. Monopoly is an intellectual dead-end. And don't talk to me about the huge amount of money M$ spends on R&D. They would HAVE TO if they had more more threatening opponents.
  3. I will certainly never use IE at home anymore. A pity I cannot uninstall it. And that many sites NEED it to be properly displayed.
Am I subjective and emotive? I sure am. What are blogs for, anyway?
And I surely am interested in any motivated view about OSS, patents and intellectual property. Share your thoughts, that's the point!

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